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Rachel and Andrea help successful professionals and entrepreneurs who are trapped in their high paying jobs, are overworked, and only have one stream of income to invest in multifamily commercial real estate. They show investors how they can passively invest and stop trading time for money. In our conversations we'll explore the ins and outs of multifamily investing, real estate investing, alternative investing, and also discuss each guest's true "WHY". We’re so glad you’ve joined us!

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We're Andrea and Rachel, your personal money multiplier strategists.
We are two witty women and nationally recognized business experts in real estate with an education podcast and a knack for smart investments. Combined we have an investment portfolio totaling over $180M in assets under management. We are co-founders and Managing Partners of GoodGood Investing, established to empower entrepreneurs and busy professionals with creative ways to multiply their money and get control of their time.

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To build a passive income stream that will make money while you sleep and supercharge your wealth so you can achieve more time to do what you want -- when you want. Step into the life you have always wanted to live, taking control of the one thing you can't make more of, your time.

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We help entrepreneurs and busy professionals with creative ways to Multiply their Money and get control of their time.

It's our passion to help other driven professionals and entrepreneurs increase their profitability, wealth and gain more control of their time all by investing passively.


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